Meet the tightwad in chief

Meet the tightwad in chief

The U.S. economy, alas, still sucks. Unemployment rates are not going down. The recession, like an unwanted guest, is still lurking, apparently determined to stick around for a while. Most of us have had to change our ways, cut back and live more frugally. And we must continue to nurture our inner cheapskate and spend (more …)

5 great tips for household savings

Five quick tips to help you save money on the homefront. 1. Make your own household cleaner by filling a plastic spray bottle with two thirds water, a third white vinegar and a dash of lemon. 2. Buy a couple of succulents or cacti or some hardy green plants at your local Home Depot or (more …)

Tightwad Tipster on NBC Nonstop news

Lyndall did a guest spot Friday evening on NBC’s Nonstop California News, unveiling the tightwad manifesto to a statewide audience. KNBC’s Robert Kovacik did the interview. “If you are a celebrity, chances are you know Lyndall,” Kovacik told his audience. “My message is don’t be embarrassed, be proud of every dollar you save,” Lyndall said. (more …)

Celebrities’ bargain beauty tricks

No one thinks the boldface names have to scrimp and save. Well, guess what. They do, and they’re willing to share their money-saving tips. Some of my celebrity pals offer these cheapskate ideas for beauty and grooming. Look good and attribute it to the inner glow that comes from with saving cold hard cash: Actor (more …)