home economy expert lyndall hobbsCall her frugalistia, recessionista or just plain cheap: Lyndall Hobbs knows how to squeeze a buck.

Hobbs, a stylish TV journalist, is the Tightwad Tipster. She specializes in the “cheap but chic” approach to living well while living on a tight budget.

In addition to everyday money-saving ideas, her TightwadTipster.com covers the lifestyles of the famed and frugal.

Lyndall’s “Tightwad Tips” online videos feature segments with some of her celebrity pals — such as Dana Delaney, Ed Begley Jr., Glenne Headley, Lauren Hutton and Tony Shaloub.

Thanks to Lyndall’s intersecting careers in writing, film directing, fashion and interior design, she has come to know many talented, creative and successful people. Like all of us, they’ve adjusted to the new downsized society, and many are eager to share their ideas about saving money.

“No one thinks the boldface names have to scrimp and save,” Lyndall says. “They do, and many of them are happy to reach out.

“Rich or broke, everyone has put the brakes on spending and begun a quest for the best, cheapest deal going.”

Lyndall was born in Melbourne, Australia. She moved to London at age 20, worked in TV, and moved to Los Angeles at age 30. Today, she’s a single mom, with two kids to love and support.

Lyndall also runs a Los Angeles Interior Design business. Not surprisingly, she applies her chic but cheap aesthetic on many jobs. An admitted Ikea-aholic, she says: “I LOVE a bargain — and I hate to pay retail.”