Tightwad Tipster on NBC Nonstop news

Lyndall did a guest spot Friday evening on NBC’s Nonstop California News, unveiling the tightwad manifesto to a statewide audience.

KNBC’s Robert Kovacik did the interview.

“If you are a celebrity, chances are you know Lyndall,” Kovacik told his audience.

“My message is don’t be embarrassed, be proud of every dollar you save,” Lyndall said. “Consumerism is dead. It’s vulgar.”

Kovacik liked what he saw and heard. “This is a good launching pad; I can see this going very far,” he said of Lyndall’s videos and web site.

California Nonstop is available on every major cable system in California.

Trouble viewing? Watch the video on Channel 4′s web site.


  1. Foxy Piggy Bank says:

    Super job! Let’s get the word out that because we DO live in new times & they’re enlightening : )

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